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Media Buyer: Path into a Media Baying Role in 2022

In paid marketing campaigns, we find media buying strategies employed. To locate and acquire advertising space on platforms that are appropriate for a pre-selected target audience at the most advantageous time and the least amount of money. Both conventional marketing channels such as (television, radio, and print) and digital channels use this practice of media buying (websites, social media, streaming). Media buyers put businesses in front of their target clients, whether they are browsing a website or watching a TV show. Today we brake Media baying into five stages to form a roadmap that can help you get your first role as a media buyer.


Introduction to the Media Buyer Eco System

In general publishers provide vacancies for advertisement placement these vacancies are rented out by media buyers imagine the banners on the street going to your office, advertising for a new product or service, the company who had to pay for this ad placement would hire you as a media buyer to find the best opportunity to place their ad similarly websites across the internet provide these spaces for other companies to advertise on their sites. Instead of going out looking for a website that matches your industry media buyers usually use demand-side platform that are already connected to publishers from across industries.

Media Buyer role in 2022
Demand-side platform networks

Media Buyer Media Planning

There are a few things you need to work out as a media buyer before starting your advertising campaign.

What is the purpose of your campaign, to start? Do you desire increased website traffic, brand recognition, and social media activity? Your team will be more focused and the success of your campaign will be easier to monitor if you have one clear aim.

This brings up important signs of success (KPIs). They will be necessary to keep an eye on your campaign and decide whether any adjustments are required. Finally, you’ll need a budget for your campaign. If the campaign is ongoing, you may establish a daily budget.

Usually, these actions are finished during the media planning stage. But occasionally media planners are also in charge of ad purchases.

How to Improve My Work As a Media Buyer

1. Measurement marketing framework are usually provided by your network connecting web analytics tools like Google analytics can aid you. When working on more complex, high budget campaigns it is always important to keep data stored and measured use your own frameworks and don’t entirely depend on reports by the platform.

2. Marketing funnel in this context can involve customers interaction and retargeting users who are regularly browsing relevant websites in your niche.

Don’t Entirely Rely on Programmatic Advertising

Despite being a useful method for placing advertisements across channels and formats, programmatic advertising has several drawbacks.

No human touch: Programmatic advertising relies on algorithms, which, while intelligent, lack the computational capacity of people. Because a single publisher may have a focused reach than a collection of various other websites. Hand-picking publishers may produce superior outcomes.
There is a chance for a bad content fit because no marketer is placing adverts on the brand’s behalf. A DSP may obtain data from Data Providers. However even if a website is consistent with your brand overall, there may still be a page-by-page mismatch.

Potential for traffic fraud: Search engines have improved their ability to distinguish between traffic from humans and traffic from bots. However, since you pay per thousand impressions rather than each click, you run the risk of paying for ineffective views.

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